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What It Is To Truly Let Go
Rex's View

For all the years I have been facilitating personal change programs and discussing the importance of allowance, or letting go I have not had the privilege of experiencing this extraordinary letting go to such a degree as I have in the past three weeks, during this Bali transition.

I did not realise to what extent I had attached myself to the dependence on the life I had created over the last ten years.

To extricate oneself from such a place brings up an awareness of a whole body, mind and emotional addiction.

This addiction is mostly not apparent within the confines of everyday life. However when we separate from this it brings up a full limbic response.

The freedom that I am experiencing as I come out of this condition is breathtaking. As the noise of my conditioning chats and expresses itself daily, it becomes less and less, and a feeling of stillness envelops me.

The Balinese as my predominant company are little interested in my wealth or the importance of my achievements to date, they simply wish to sit with me and discuss the community issues or how wonderful it is to be together.

The need in me to express my importance or what I have accumulated has no where to go. I have to let it go and allow the present moment to be.

So as I sit here overlooking the rice paddies, feeling the breeze dance across my face, this all pervading stillness is growing from within me and is very nice indeed.

We do not have to be in Bali for this of course, it's simply that Bali has all the ingredients required to facilitate such a letting go which makes it so much easier and it was the right place and time for me.

As the observer of my own unfolding metamorphosis, the lessons I have learned from Mind Matters assist me significantly to observe myself and facilitate my changing in the most beautiful and peaceful way.

To sit back and let go of the self judgement, judgement of others, the need to be somebody, to feel acceptable and all the other attachments of which I have been entangled over the past 53 years, a new becoming dawns for me and I had to share it with you because we are on this journey together, are we not?

Keeping Clear
As life progresses and we get busy in our worlds, we collect more thoughts, patterns and behaviours that begin to clutter our minds. Like our houses, our minds and spirits needs routine clean ups to rid the dust and remove the cobwebs.

Michael Brook is available as part of the Mind Matters team to assist you with keeping your mind clear. If you would like a session, simply email us to book an appointment. There is a significant discount available to graduates of Performance Alchemy and Ancient Wisdom.

We have chosen Michael because of his unique skill in NLP processes and hypnosis. Michael is one of the few people we have met who has a natural affinity with identifying patterns and structure. These skills contribute to Michaels unique ability to identify the structure of a client's issue and systematically work through and resolve it.

"The combination of NLP and trance amplifies the change effect," he says.
Follow this link for more information on Michael or contact us to book an appointment.

Ancient Wisdom - Return to Inner Sense


Three Special Announcements
To truly return to our inner sense is an incredibly rewarding process. We acknowledge everyone who takes the time to make learning about themselves and connecting with their true self a priority, as this not only benefits the self it also contributes to the wellbeing of others.

Ancient Wisdom is a high level personal evolution and leadership program designed especially for those looking for the next step in sustainable and inspirational living. It is the perfect progression from Alchemy and introductory development programs. Ancient Wisdom will take anyone who has been searching to deeper and more profound levels of experience and practical wisdom for all areas of life.

Over the past few months we have been able to assess various aspects of Ancient Wisdom to make it more accessible to people who are ready to participate in the next level of learning, following Performance Alchemy and our previous programs.

One of the reasons for moving to Bali was to emerse ourselves in the culture and learn from the wisdom of the spiritual teachers opening ourselves to a new realm of growth.

This has allowed us to reformulate Ancient Wisdom and develop it even further giving participants an enriching and enlightening experience, blended with rest and relaxation to make the program a holistic learning holiday experience.

The anouncements are:
  1. The program is now 8 days making it easier for people to attend.
  2. We have also been able to revise the price due to reduced accommodation requirements.
  3. We are including two extra sessions for past graduates who would like to attend again, with an extra special graduate price. Contact us directly for more information on pricing for graduates.
Follow this link for more information on Ancient Wisdom.
"Ancient Wisdom is truly a life changing experience. Having done a lot of study and personal development work over the years, I was looking for a higher level of learning, something profound and lasting.

Taking the time to create peace and balance internally and get connected with what really matters to me was an incredibly rewarding and rejuvenating experience.

Ancient Wisdom is profound. So profound it is difficult to describe. Everyone participates for their own reasons and leaves with what they need - it truly is a personal journey. The lessons learnt have integrated fully into my way of being, allowing the benefits of the learning to be accessible to me daily.

Upon reflection, life is so much easier and peaceful now I have let go of unresourceful habits and beliefs at a deeper level. Thanks Catherine & Rex for your incredible teaching."

R Simpson
We encourage you to continue your path of growth and look forward to connecting with you at a deeper level during Ancient Wisdom.
We are offering a special price for those who register before 28 July 2008.

Some success we'd like to share with you

We recently received an email from some valued clients. We appreciate the feedback and thought you may enjoy hearing about what Mind Matters community members are achieving...

"Mark and I are very busily building our business since we finished Alchemy. I am delighted to report that our turnover has doubled for the current year and (finally) our business is doing more than just paying us a wage it is also earning an income and it will be increasing that exponentially over the years to come! THANK YOU both for your guidance in focusing us to what is really important were on track still lots of refining to do of course. Dont ever expect that to stop really. The meditations are great would love some more when you get a chance."
R & M Perriman
If you've got feedback or success stories you'd like to share, please email them to We'd love to hear your news.

Do You Choose Growth or Familiarity?
Catherine's Inspiration
Moving recently from the broken culture of Bangkok and its juxtaposition of sex, commercialism and spirituality, all vying for attention in the most confused and yet beautiful dance, it is comforting to move to the simplicity of Ubud, Bali where the importance of values is profound amongst the local people.

Like all of us, our deepest values unfold the next step of development and true calling. The courage to face this calling and the faith to take action is profound. It is no greater than the fear of loss that binds us to a sameness of seeming predictability. Each moment of life is a choice for growth or familiarity. Some familiarity is useful depending on your goal at the time. Other times it restricts the natural flow of life.

The key is having the wisdom and intuition to know the difference.
It is with joy and anticipation that Rex and I are able to listen to the gentle sounds of the water, the soft conversations of the frogs and the flicker of the fireflies across the rice paddies, awaiting the deeper guidance to emerge and light the path for new adventures. May your heart and mind guide you to your fulfilment.
Catherine Connolly
Join Our Book Club
Calling all bookworms! I'm starting the Mind Matters Book Club. Each month we will choose a book relevant to Mind Matters' teachings and philosophies to discuss experiences, share interpretations and ask questions.
The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, 25 June 2008, from 7pm to 9pm and I have nominated the first book to get things started - Influencing With Integrity by Genie Z. Laborde. This book is available for purchase on our website (although this will not always be the case).
At the end of each meeting, suggestions for the next book will be considered and a decision made by the group. I will advise you of the venue closer to the date as this depends on the number of people involved. If you enjoy books and would like to join the club, please email your name and phone number to me at
I look forward to meeting with fellow inspired readers,

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Have a wonderful month. Until we connect again...

With love and gratitude,

Catherine & Rex

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