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What Is The Mind Matters Institute?

Understanding and training your brain to achieve this is exactly the same as the practice and training of an elite performer in any discipline.

Muscle memory for athletes is their friend when they practice their mind to do their bidding as they aspire to reach even higher goals.

Imagine teaching your brain to repeatedly perform excellently in the areas that you choose to excel in. The success excelerator is a tool for you to practice your brain to perform at the level you desire daily.

Our Programs

success excelerator

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Our Success Excelerator program is delivered over 2, 12 month online courses.  Each month will see you supported through your online learning with audio tracks, virtual lessons, additional downloads and journals for self reflection. 

Additional emails and learner support are offered as well as options for individual mentoring.

Experience your Mind matters transformation and bring your success to life.

Our Program

  • Learn how to focus on success
  • Build your future business - TODAY
  • Join a supported group of likeminded business people
  • Understand how you can change your current unsuccessful patterns
  • Manage your success through step by step processes and mentoring
  • Implement lasting change through developing new neural pathways

Who Is Success Excelerator For?

  • Business Owners
  • High Performance Athletes
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Management Teams
  • Knowledge Seekers
  • Business Partnerships

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Who Is Behind Success Excelerator?

catherine conolly

Catherine Connolly

Catherine Connolly is a specialist mentor in Leadership, Human Relationships and high level communication strategies. She has a Masters in Education, a Counselling Degree, Post Grad Dip in Mediation, Master trainer in Neuro Linguistics, strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis as well as tertiary studies in bio-chemisty and neuro science. Catherine has lectured at QUT, Australian College of Applied Psychology and spoken at multiple industry conferences in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. She has worked closely with Ancient Cultures facilitating workshops designed to bring a deeper understanding interculturally for sustainable thinking.

rex urwin

Rex Urwin

Rex combines his expertise in NeuroCoding, high-level communication skills, hypnosis and other therapeutic techniques with a personal mentoring approach to keep you topped-up with focus, perspective and motivation.With more than 20 years professional, therapeutic and academic experience, Rex is a seasoned professional. Thousands of people have connected with him and stepped closer to achievements of significance in their lives.

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