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  • 8 Lessons

    8 Week Reset Program

    Welcome to the 8 Week Reset Program. This course is restricted to members only.

  • 13 Lessons

    Success Excelerator

    Level 1 Success Excelerator

    The Success Excelerator Program is designed to assist you in creating new habits of thought, feelings and actions, which lead you to profound transformation and the ability  to realise your own potential. The structure has been designed to help you maintain your commitment to yourself and your life, in easy to process, bite sized chunks of learning. Through a few minutes a day of dedicated work and time for reflection, you’ll be amazed at the profound changes you will be able to actualise into your everyday life. 

  • 12 Lessons

    Success Excelerator Advanced

    Level 2 Success Excelerator Advanced

    Understanding and training your brain to achieve this is exactly the same as the practice and training of an elite performer in any discipline. Muscle memory for athletes is their friend when they practice their mind to do their bidding as they aspire to reach even higher goals. Imagine teaching your brain to repeatedly perform excellently in the areas that you choose to excel in. The success excelerator is a tool for you to practice your brain to perform at the level you desire daily.