Now Is the Time to Become Your Most Spectacular Self and Find true Success and Purpose

Unlock Your Full Potential with The Success Experts

  • Unleash your true potential by recoding your habits that hold you back
  • Discover how to align yourself with others to create deeper meaningful relationships
  • Develop a culture of sustainable thinking to increase success and happiness in your life
  • Tap into your true identity and master confidence and communication
  • Find your direction and purpose in life to feel truly inspired again

Are You Struggling to Reach the Successful Life You Deeply Desire?

Do you really want to live your unique potential and deepest desires or are you just waiting on the chance that life may throw it your way?  Imagine less stress, more success, more fulfilment and fun in your life, what would that would mean for you?


Currently most people are hardwired neurologically from their familiar surroundings and habits and this creates the automatic pilot response to the world which will give more of the same results over time. This response is networked physically in the nervous system.  

Each decision you take in order to achieve your dreams and goals is affected by this hardwired habit response, and if you have not seen  your most successful results so far it is likely that path will continue unless you do something to change the pattern.

To reconfigure a new pattern that will ultimately give the desired results means there is need to develop a different automatic pilot network of habit.  This takes some purposeful and conscious skill development and a guidance system that makes it easy, fun and intentional.


We can help you really live your most spectacular self through your business, life and relationships. Over the consistent experience and research of the Mind Matters team we have learned that people who really want to have the life they desire and dream of, and successfully attain it, put in the time, energy and learning necessary to achieve it.


The extraordinary thing is Luck turns up when you become aligned completely with your internal desires and create the Mindset and Mastery that allows new strategies of thought, feeling, actions and learning to become success habits that are easily NeuroCoded© into your attitude and Mindset when guided correctly.  

Start Living the Extraordinary Life You Desire With Our Help

Through successfully recoding habits many of our clients are now able to live and enjoy a life they never had before with their previous socially hypnotised habits of thought that led them to stress, overwork, overwhelm and basic inner imbalance that created frustration and conflict in their lives.  

This isn’t living the way our neurophysiology is designed to be expressed. The exciting thing is that this stressful way of living is not predestined.

Change is not only possible, it is inevitable when you learn and develop more useful NeuroCodes© that sustain the realisation of your inner voice wanting you to become more of who you were born to be. It does however take some time of consistent building of the best strategies and habits of thought until the most useful patterns become hardwired in your neurology.  


We have found that the most Extraordinary results take around 24 months to become far more consistent.  Hence we offer the pathway that provides what is necessary. Mind Matters has always been based on integrity and professionalism to nurture our clients success for sustainable transformation  so we want to ensure that our offer will get you where you want to be and provide all opportunities possible for you to use to get you there.

We designed our membership program with this in mind in order to give you time to experience the full spectrum of what NeuroCoding© can do to unlock your potential and get you on the path to the extraordinary, successful life you desire.

Our experience and observation of what works to get where you want to be is backed up by the most current research across the fields of Neuroscience, psychology and biophysics.  You will learn more about the research as your Mindset Mastery Journey unfolds.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Membership

  • Unleash What You Desire

    Our extensive membership programs are designed to help you tap into your true self to extract your full potential and find direction and purpose in your life. Inside every human there is a strong desire to become successful, be happy and achieve your dream goals. With our NeuroCoding© programs we can help you access that potential and achieve with greater ease.

  • Guidance from The Best There Is

    Our founders and innovative creators of NeuroCoding©  Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin and the Mind Matters Team are ready to help you on your journey of self discovery to become the successful, confident person you deserve to be. Our membership packages offer intimate one-on-one sessions and mastery workshops with our experts to accelerate your progress and take your life skills to a higher level plus an on tap system to keep you on track.

  • Access to Highly Coveted Knowledge

    People spend lifetimes searching for the answers to life’s big questions and still never manage to be able to unlock their potential and purpose. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have vast knowledge that will save you time and energy and get you where you want to be faster. Our objective is to share our knowledge with you through our membership packages by giving you full access to what we have discovered over 20 years of experience in an easy to learn and consistently supportive way that allows you to NeuroCode©  the strategies necessary for your ultimate dreams to be realised.

  • Discover the Secret to Work-Life Balance

    This is the million dollar question, how do you achieve a healthy balance between work and your personal life? Often in this fast paced modern world, work-life balance seems near impossible to achieve, but with our NeuroCoding© programs included in the membership packages we can show you how you can gain better equilibrium in your life so you can manage both and enjoy a more balanced fruitful life in all aspects. What people usually call Work - Life Balance is really more about getting into an inner harmony that allows your brain and nervous system to work at its best through using it as it was designed to experience your  full unique expression.

  • Unlock the Secret to Deeper Meaningful Relationships

    You will learn how to develop deeper more meaningful relationships with partners for a more harmonious life with others. As a member you have access to our NeuroCoding©  programs to help you improve conflict resolution, communication and build strong bonds and flowing communication with people in your personal life and your business environments.

Over 7,000 Success Stories to Date

Using NeuroCoding© we have helped over 7,000 people and businesses over 20 years to strip away the negative, useless parts of themselves that had been holding them back for years and revealed their ultimate potential to be who they deserve to be.

Read what some of our most successful clients have to say about our membership packages.


I joined Mind Matters NeuroCoding© membership initially to improve my coaching skills to help my franchisees to really grow robust businesses. Not only did I find an amazing amount of valuable skills, information and tools which has had a profound effect on working with my clientele, I cleared deep blocks that I wasn’t even aware of and that has really opened up huge opportunities to expand my business internationally.


Gillian Erskine

MD Forte Schools of Music


The exciting impact that the Mind Matters membership has had on my world has not only been instrumental on my business success but also how I choose to spend my time with friends and family. I am now engaged to a gorgeous woman in every sense of the word. Getting your thoughts in line really does fast track your success. Don’t under-value your thoughts and the incredible power of your mind.


Jordan Cowan



This membership package is truly life changing. Not only did I meet my soulmate and build a wonderful life together, I gained the skills and NeuroCodes to make my dream a reality.  The communication, leadership and mindset skills I built through Mind Matters have had an enormous impact on helping me create results even beyond my wildest imagination and I have recently been awarded Australia’s Local Hero at the Australia Day awards for my work.


Juliette Wright

GIVIT Founder & Australia's Local Hero 2015

Get Expert Guidance from The #1 Innovators in NeuroCoding©

Meet the experts who are going to guide you through your entire journey to becoming the confident successful person you deserve to be. Catherine Connolly and Rex Uwin are the founders of Mind Matters and the creators of NeuroCoding©. 

All of our membership packages include personal one-on-one sessions and mastery workshops with Catherine, Rex and the Mind Matters Team, who are by your side every step of the way throughout your journey to offer support, share their wisdom and guidance when you need it and inspire your inner wisdom to bring you into your most Extraordinary Expression of yourself.


Founder | Owner

Catherine is a specialist mentor in Leadership, Human Relationships and high level communication strategies. She has a Masters in Education, a Counselling Degree, Post Grad Dip in Mediation, Master trainer in Neuro Linguistics, strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis as well as tertiary studies in biochemistry, neuroscience and metaphysical science. Catherine has lectured at QUT, Australian College of Applied Psychology and spoken at multiple industry conferences in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. She has worked closely with Ancient Cultures facilitating workshops designed to bring a deeper understanding inter-culturally for sustainable thinking.


Director | Consultant

Rex combines his expertise in NeuroCoding© , high-level communication skills, clinical hypnosis and other therapeutic techniques with a personal mentoring approach to keep you topped-up with focus, perspective and motivation. With more than 20 years professional, therapeutic and academic experience, Rex is a seasoned professional. Thousands of people have connected with him and stepped closer to achievements of significance in their lives.

Click Here to Discover More About Our Membership Packages Now

Here's What You Will Get with Our Exclusive Membership Packages

The Silver Membership Package

(Entry Level)

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    This provides 16 one on one session  with eight workshops and power sessions.
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    The 10 minute power session is a first come first served session at a designated time each week for those who need a quick tune up.  Its fast and straight to the point when required to keep you on track.
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    This program also includes total access to the online Success Excelerator Journey which gives access to imperative information for Mastering your life with simple daily exercises that build upon each other and help maintain the consistency that brings sustainable and continuous improvement on your results.
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    8 mastery workshops each taking 2 days that are approx. 3 months apart.

Membership Fee is $990.00 monthly for 24 months. Click the button below to get started.

Exclusive Gold Membership Package (advanced level)

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    30 personalized one on one session with Rex or Catherine.
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    ​Unlimited access to The Success Excelerator online program and  daily support when you need it. Visit this members only area weekly as part of your own journey of self-directed study.
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    8 mastery workshops each taking 2 days that are approx 3 months apart.
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    Regular Zoom training and MasterMind sessions with the group who are also doing the Gold Level Membership. Through this you get to maximise the power of Master Mind and exponentially accelerate your success.

The investment in this journey is $1500 per month for  twenty four months and is inclusive of all of the above plus you can bring your life or business partner to the workshops so you are both growing and learning together to accelerate your dreams. Click the button below to get started.

Selective Platinum Membership

(by invitation only)

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    Once you have mastered the Gold Membership Package we offer a very selective Platinum Membership to our clients who want to reach higher levels of success.
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    This package is invite only and offered to our most successful members upon completion of the Gold Package.

If you feel you aren’t quite ready for the full immersion into our packages we also work with smaller 5 and 10 session packages for you to get a taste of how Neurocoding can help you on your journey to becoming the person you’re destined to be.

Get Instant Access to Our Members Only Packages Right Now and Start  Changing the Way You See Your Life and Yourself Immediately

Here's What You Will Get with Our Exclusive Membership Packages

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    ​Q. Can anyone become a member?

    A. Absolutely. We encourage anyone who feels that they need direction and focus in their lives to get on the right path to a more successful life by starting our membership program right away. Our packages are tailor-made for every human being on this earth that wants more out of life, to unlock their hidden potential, improve relationships at home and work and become the confident person they deserve to be.

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    ​Q.What Is NeuroCoding?

    A.In a nutshell, NeuroCoding is a scientific methodology founded by Catherine Connelly and Rex Urwin that can help people reprogram the way you approach your life by stripping away hardwired habits that hold you back. With a little retraining of your brain with the NeuroCode model will set your personal and business life on track to where you really would like it to be.

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    ​Q.Do I Need to Be In Australia to Become a Member?

    A. Not a requirement. All our programs are online based so you can connect to us from anywhere in the world. One-on-one sessions with either Rex or Catherine can be conducted virtually so you can be in the comfort of your own home while completing the program. In both the silver and gold memberships you have unrestricted access to The Success Accelerator program which is an exclusive area of information for members only to help you on your journey.

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    ​Q.Are the Programs Difficult and Time Consuming?

    A.We have designed our membership programs to be easy to follow and accessible to anyone and work on a schedule that suits you within our designated times. Our program times are spaced out to give you enough time to plan for your mastery workshops and give you the opportunity to book your sessions to fit your schedule.

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    Q.What if Membership is not for me?

    A.Our membership programs are extensive and can really take your journey to success right on the fast train, but perhaps it is not the option for everyone. Mind Matters offers smaller session packages as a taster into how NeuroCoding©  can help improve your quality of life and we also hold specialized retreats for focus work in areas of your life. Contact us anytime to find out how we can help and see which of our options could be a good fit for your needs..


Get Instant Access to Our Members Only Packages Right Now and Start  Changing the Way You See Your Life and Yourself Immediately

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