Monday Mentor – Breath Connection Membership

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Monday Mentor

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Monday Mentor – Breath Connection.

Monday Mentor is a 45 minute Zoom. Set and celebrate your week ahead.

Start your week with a mindset spirit of focus and confidence, breathe life into your goals and get your head right with Rex for a phenomenal week. It’s as easy as…


Get on track and reconnect to your vision and inspire your week. Explore new ideas, perspectives, learn and apply to your unique circumstances. Increase the awareness of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations and behaviours enabling you to be present and in control of your focus and actions. Become EXCELLENT at all the little fundamentals each week that build-up to the successes you intend. Create a behavioural energising routine to become who you need to be to get what you want. Pioneering neurological patterns just for you to tap powerful true inner resources.


In this ‘reset’, we work to deactivate the stress/fear/anxiety/panic centre in your brain and enable you to literally ‘find your calm’ and make powerful choices in the right direction. Grow your vitality, energy and wellbeing. Be astonished overtime at your increased health.


Be part of a magical Mastermind, with others who support, believe in your success (especially when you waver) and be strong together rather than depend on old mainstream structures that no longer serve your future. Discover the wealth of inviting others to join the ritual, love them and empower the planet towards humanities true resourcefulness. Access your Members only facebook community and share challenges and solutions.


  • Frame up to step into an Extraordinary week – EACH WEEK!
  • REX breath ritual
  • Fascinating learning
  • Reach out and Q & A
  • Amplified power of group entry focus to activate your vision exponentially
  • Trance Meditation – switch on and consolidate empowered brain patterns
  • Direct excellent behaviour on a routine basis to celebrate your unfolding vision
  • Recorded and available so you are always part of each session no matter where you are
  • Review at your pace for daily practice
  • Meditation stored separately for a quick miracle mindset top up
  • Exclusive Membership access to a growing library to support Monday Mentor Breath Connection
  • Private Facebook Connection Community

Bonus Bits when helpful:

  • Spontaneous Inspiring Surprises
  • Interesting guests
  • Activity Sheets
  • Quote Reminders
  • Booster Meditations
  • Free attendance at group Breathwork monthly sessions

Members-only access – membership renews automatically until cancelled.



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